Using the Internet to Find Nursing Jobs Online

Using the Internet to Find Nursing Jobs Online
By Amanda Jones

Using the internet to find nursing jobs online is a great way to find a job after graduating. The internet is filled with job sites, classified ads, and web sites that advertise nursing jobs in most cities and countries. When a person graduates, they can begin their search for employment from home. They can post resumes, answer ads, and perform company searches. Many companies and hospitals advertise for job openings on the internet. Corporations that are searching for on site nurses will also post advertisements on their web sites. Narrow down the search by looking for companies that have a good reputation for hiring nurses. Visit the web sites to see if they are hiring. Many times they will only post advertisements on their web sites. Visiting the same site a few times is also a good idea because new jobs are always being posted.

Posting a resume on a job web site will get a person noticed. Every day companies search for prospective employees on the internet. Posting resumes is free and one of the best ways to find work. Using the internet to find nursing jobs online is also a good way to see the types of jobs that are out there. A person can search in any city they would like and also search for the types of positions they would be suited for and enjoy. For those who want to work in the hospital system, there are hospital web pages that advertise jobs, and local online newspaper sites.

For those who are looking for personal care positions, there are plenty. Using the internet to find nursing jobs online in this area of nursing are limitless. People who are disabled or elderly need a nurse to come into their homes to care for them. They will advertise online in order to reach more people. These positions pay well and are a good way to gain experience. Finding personal care nursing jobs online is another way to find employment.

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How to Find Nursing School Scholarships

How to Find Nursing School Scholarships
By Milos Pesic

The cost of a quality nursing education, or any college education for that matter, is quite steep and, often, this fact leads many individuals to give up their dream of an education. However, there are many ways to pay your way through nursing school and one of them is getting nursing school scholarships.

While there are many organizations including non-profits, corporations, and the government that provide nursing school scholarships to help nursing students with their tuition needs, you would have to be willing to put in your time and effort to find and secure one.

You can begin your search for nursing school scholarships at the school that you wish to attend. Most likely, they will have a financial service program for their students. The best way to find this out is to contact the school’s Financial Service Office or speak to the school’s Financial Adviser.

Find out what assistance the school offers to students in terms of financing and what the requirements for eligibility are. However, some schools will provide you detailed information about loans only after your acceptance to the school. Be sure to check with other nursing schools in your area besides your school of choice so you can compare which school can give you the best funding that will meet your needs.

In addition to local nursing schools, you can also check with non-profit organizations in your area that has scholarship programs. However, not all scholarship programs are the same. Some scholarships are available only to certain ethnic minority groups or to students of a particular field of study such as technology or research. With some patience and persistence, you will be able to find nursing school scholarships.

Another great source for nursing school scholarships are hospitals in your area. The typical agreement is the hospital will pay for your tuition if you work for them for a specific period after graduation. Instead of nursing school scholarships, some hospitals have work-study programs where the hospital employs students to help them pay for their tuition.

If you are not able to locate nursing school scholarships in your local community, you can try searching the Internet for funding from organizations that operate within your state or nationwide. The government, nursing organizations, and other agencies have websites that are good resources of information to help you find nursing school scholarships. You may also encounter websites of companies that offer to locate a scholarship for you. Beware of companies that will ask you for a fee. You do not have to pay anyone to do something that you can do on your own. Finding nursing school scholarships may be frustrating at times but if you persist, you will surely find one.

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Finding A Good Home Nursing Job Has Great Prospects

Finding A Good Home Nursing Job Has Great Prospects
By Abhishek Agarwal

It is an acknowledged fact that in America, the number of aging people is higher, as well as greying persons, compared to the younger generation in what is called a population ratio of aged versus young. This is a source of worry for the Administration, irrespective of the political polarities. One of the key factors for this has been the higher level of medical care, combined with a lower birth rate, as families tend to disintegrate, and couples prefer not to have children, as far as possible. These are borne out by statistics, but that is not is the issue here.

But the above has its implications. As humans age, so does their medical and para medical aid requirement increases. In fact, most life insurance and medicare insurance companies are quite worried about this trend. Surely, you would have read about it. it's a fact. And that proves an opportunity for you.

If you are a qualified nurse, or a degree, experience or education in medicare, you should find yourself finding a job quite fast. And of your choice too.

There are numerous facilities that care for the aged. In fact, they have flourished in the last decade, as the aged cannot or are not able to be cared for by their children, and prefer to be put in a care home, where they can be with their own age group, and spend their twilight years in good harmonious surroundings. Of course, jobs in these facilities are tough. There is a lot of trauma involved in emotions, age-related trauma, medication, para medical care in helping those who need help in eating, washing, cleaning, walking, or being wheeled around. Some have difficulty in speech, some are silent, brooding, some are vicious, because of the wounds they have suffered, pensiveness, and so forth. You know it better as a nurse or as a para medic.

The pay is good, better than the average, and the times off are also quite compensatory. The management of these special care homes value the staff, and see that you are taken care of.

The other type of job is in the private clinics, which also abound. In these too, you can find yourself a good job, given the increasing level of specialization that is coming in rapidly. Here too, you would find nursing homes attached which cater to the specialized treatment required. Again, since this would be a specialized center, you cannot expect to have a cushy job. The pay would be good, and the management would certainly prefer to have you happy. But again, you have to deal with various traumatic ailments/diseases, and have to lend more than a nursing hand. You have to provide emotional support, and apart from the usual medical dispensation you have to provide, you may also be required to provide moral support.

Another opportunity that has arisen is that of home care nursing. This requires you to stay with the patient at the residence with them, and provide both nursing and para medical care. Obviously, your pay would be much higher, comfortable living, and having to care for one or two geriatrics generally, or even a younger child with an ailment. This works well for those who find themselves getting emotionally involved with the various trauma normally seen in private nursing homes, and in special care centers. But the level of care is certainly the same. What makes the difference is that you have to take care of only one or two people, and it is certainly easier.

To find these kinds of jobs is fairly simple. You could register with a private nursing agency, or scan the newspapers for ads. In taking up home nursing jobs, you are advised to exercise caution; make sure the owners are good people, and have a good reputation. It would not be worth it if you are subjected to any kind of harassment, especially sexual advances. It is better to check them out before taking up these kinds of jobs.

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How to Find Registered Nursing Jobs

How to Find Registered Nursing Jobs
By Melanie Ullman

If you have a nursing degree there are plenty of registered nursing jobs available across the country. These employers and companies are hunting for qualified applicants and they need to hire people for these positions as soon as possible. You can find registered nursing jobs through classified ads as well as through online listings. There are also employment agencies that use medical headhunters to actively recruit individuals for corporate nursing jobs.

The major hospitals will welcome your phone call or visit and there are open registered nursing jobs at all hospitals. Nursing has always had openings due to the fact that nurses may leave their jobs for pregnancy, to return to school, to raise families or if their spouse is transferred to another city or state. Today employers are using flexible schedule options and other incentives to try and retain their nursing staff.

Nursing homes always need people to fill their registered nursing jobs and these positions can include openings for directors, part time or week end options. California and Florida have always had a high need for registered nurses and they recruit people through travel nursing companies every week.

Travel companies and other contractors recruit heavily for their registered nursing jobs and they will often offer double the salary of your local hospitals if you work for them.

These companies have been helping staff hospitals for years and have been growing steadily for the past 15 years. They supply qualified individuals to work in medical settings on an as needed basis as well as for contract periods that range from 4-52 weeks.

With a nursing degree you will have no problem finding numerous registered nursing jobs for which to apply. These jobs are available in doctor's offices and out patient clinics, with insurance companies and even with legal firms.

As a registered nurse, you now have the world at your fingertips.

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How to Find the Best Nursing Jobs

How to Find the Best Nursing Jobs
By Jeff Morrow

When looking for your next nursing job, you will most likely make heavy use of Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder and other online job boards to apply to nursing jobs. You might open up an account, post your resume, subscribe to an RSS feed so you can keep up with all the latest jobs posted.

All major job boards make it really easy to stay on their sites for long periods of time applying to an open nursing jobs.

Most job seekers will find it both surprising and disappointing to learn that major job boards offer one of the least effective ways to find your next nursing job.

Sure, the big job boards give job seekers everything for free, but they make all their money by selling both advertising and resume database access to employers.

What you are about to learn is how the major job boards give all the true advantages to the those who pay the bills. In other words, the house odds favor employers, not prospective employees.

What the Big Job Boards Don't Want You to Know gathers together a massive number of job seekers, but they are all competing for a very limited number of jobs. offers only 3% of all jobs advertised on the Internet. Most nurses and Internet surfers assume that the big job boards are just like Google and offer access to jobs throughout the Internet. But,, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder allow access to their database of employer paid ads.

Of course employers love the big job boards because every advertised job fetches an average of 500 resumes in competitive markets.

Knowing how many resumes a hiring manger receives, it should be no surprise to find that they spend an average of 7 seconds looking at a resume.

What is a great deal for employers actually puts the job seeker into the proverbial small fish in a big pond. Imagine knowing at the outset that you have less than a 1/2 percent chance to be considered for a job interview?

To top off how bad the odds are stacked against job seekers, statistics from several state employment centers show that only 5% of all jobs are found through job advertising.

Even if you thrive in that kind of competitive environment, the online venue at Monster or the other large job boards provide no tools to help you show your excellence to a prospective hiring mangers.

TIP: If you are looking for the most nursing jobs in one place, find a meta job search engine.

Use A Meta Job Search Engine Looking for work is a full time job, don't put in overtime hopping from job board to job board and applying to every job you find. One way you can save time is to search for all advertised jobs from Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, and 5,000%2B more job boards all from one meta job search site.

Now that you know where to find all the jobs, consider how much time to spend on this job seeking tactic. When only 5% of all jobs are found through job advertising, consider turning the 80/20 rule, or the 95/5 rule backwards. Spend less time on the less effective job searching tactics and more time on the more productive job searching tactics.

This is part 1 in a series about rethinking job seeking strategies and tactics. More installments can be found at My-Nursing-Career.

Find all Registered Nursing (RN) jobs, Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) jobs, and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) jobs.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Nursing Job

Author: Kris Koonar

With the present trend of high demand and shortage of trained nurses it is important when looking for the right opening, to choose the specific line in which your interest and aptitude lies. As a registered nurse you have to deal with patients and their needs as well as give moral support to their relatives. It also requires you to maintain medical records and conduct diagnostic tests. You need the aptitude for caring for people and physical fitness to take on the various responsibilities, which might be stressful at times.

You could choose educational nursing for schools and colleges in which case you would be required to have some work experience. This can be ideal for married women who have other commitments as well, since this would have regular working hours. The stress levels and packed schedules otherwise attributed to regular nursing jobs can be avoided, as teaching would be less strenuous.

Home care nursing is also very much in demand with the increase of the elderly in the world. Finding jobs in this particular sector of nursing is very easy as there are plenty of job sites on the net through which people advertise the need of a personal nurse. There would be no particular age bar for this job except for the knowledge and experience required for the specific job that is expected. This could be part time or a full time job, depending on your requirement.

Travel nursing jobs are mainly for youngsters and offer very good packages for the interested candidates. These traveling nursing jobs come along with accommodation, relocation paid for, insurance and exciting job initiatives. Someone who loves to travel can consider this a ticket to see the world and gain a lot of knowledge.

Being flexible when applying for a nursing job would help you in taking up different positions, which can promote your future career and land you the right job. It is good to plan ahead and add to your skills and work experience. If you feel you have improved your skills, but are stagnating in your present job, consider switching to other nursing options. Networking with other professional nurses will keep you updated on the trend in the job market. Keeping in touch with your old classmates from the nursing school will help you get some useful tips on the hospital requirements related to the specific field you are looking for.

It is good to be focused in a special field of nursing, but being flexible can open more doors to your career. In addition, the experience you gain by volunteering in hospitals can prove invaluable in future, especially in the patient care section. Military nursing could also be an option where you will certainly gain job satisfaction except for the fact that changing jobs will be ruled out. For the adventure and excitement, you could join as a nurse on a luxury liner and travel around the world.

With so many job options available, you can be sure you are in the right profession by choosing the right job suitable to you.

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How To Find Your First Nursing Job

Author: Amelia Turner

Once you have qualified to become a registered nurse, your next move is finding your first nursing job. The nursing industry is one of rapid growth fields that can provide you with a bright future. However, there are many different job positions and job functions in nursing careers, which one suit you the best? Preparation is the key to success when searching for your first RN position because you need to know what are the important considerations that you need to look into when searching for your first nursing job.

Here are the 5 self-assessment questions for you to use as reference and determine the type of nursing job that best fit your career goal.

1. Where do you plan to work?

Nursing job opportunities can be found at any state, it depends on where you plan to start your nursing career. If you plan to work at your home state and travel to work from your home, then you should consider the transportation between your home and workplace, which may include the gas prices, maintenance cost of your vehicle and environmental issues. If you are interested to work outside of your home state or a workplace that is far away from your home, then you need to consider relocation for convenient and cost savings on travelling from and to the workplace.

2. Are you wiling to work in shifts?

Most nursing jobs especially at hospital or healthcare centers are required you to work in shift. But, if you prefer to work from 9am to 5pm, a standard office hour job, then you might need to consider finding a nursing job in such areas like hospital administration office, healthcare consultation departments. Comparatively, you have less option if you prefer not to work in shift. However, prioritize on the normal hour job if this is what you are looking for.

3. What type of clinical nursing you are interested in?

Nursing field covers a wide range of careers. The question is what type of clinical nursing you are interested in. You may like to lie with medical, surgical or psychiatric patients, or work at outpatient areas instead of hospital. Or, you prefer to work with children or as homecare nurse. Ask yourself and let your interests to guide you in searching for a nursing job that best fit you.

4. What benefits are important to you?

Hospitals, health care centers and private health agencies provide different employee benefits to their staffs. It is important for you to know which benefits are important to you. Do you need a health insurance, or can you waive it if you can get benefits through a partner? Or, you may want to work at a place that enables you to reimburse your tuition fee or allow you to work in flexible hour. These are the kind of benefits you may get as a RN, but you might need to give and take because not all benefits will be available depending on the nursing job you are looking for.

5. What preceptor program or orientation is available to you?

Since this is your first nursing job, you would want to assure that you get an appropriate amount of time on mentoring from preceptor before you are expected to be on you own. Hence, when searching for your first nursing job, you should check with your interviewer on what preceptor program or orientation is available for a new RN.

After you have gone through the above 5 self-assessment questions and get your answers, you will have a better idea on what you want and what to look for when searching for your first nursing job.

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