How To Find Your First Nursing Job

Author: Amelia Turner

Once you have qualified to become a registered nurse, your next move is finding your first nursing job. The nursing industry is one of rapid growth fields that can provide you with a bright future. However, there are many different job positions and job functions in nursing careers, which one suit you the best? Preparation is the key to success when searching for your first RN position because you need to know what are the important considerations that you need to look into when searching for your first nursing job.

Here are the 5 self-assessment questions for you to use as reference and determine the type of nursing job that best fit your career goal.

1. Where do you plan to work?

Nursing job opportunities can be found at any state, it depends on where you plan to start your nursing career. If you plan to work at your home state and travel to work from your home, then you should consider the transportation between your home and workplace, which may include the gas prices, maintenance cost of your vehicle and environmental issues. If you are interested to work outside of your home state or a workplace that is far away from your home, then you need to consider relocation for convenient and cost savings on travelling from and to the workplace.

2. Are you wiling to work in shifts?

Most nursing jobs especially at hospital or healthcare centers are required you to work in shift. But, if you prefer to work from 9am to 5pm, a standard office hour job, then you might need to consider finding a nursing job in such areas like hospital administration office, healthcare consultation departments. Comparatively, you have less option if you prefer not to work in shift. However, prioritize on the normal hour job if this is what you are looking for.

3. What type of clinical nursing you are interested in?

Nursing field covers a wide range of careers. The question is what type of clinical nursing you are interested in. You may like to lie with medical, surgical or psychiatric patients, or work at outpatient areas instead of hospital. Or, you prefer to work with children or as homecare nurse. Ask yourself and let your interests to guide you in searching for a nursing job that best fit you.

4. What benefits are important to you?

Hospitals, health care centers and private health agencies provide different employee benefits to their staffs. It is important for you to know which benefits are important to you. Do you need a health insurance, or can you waive it if you can get benefits through a partner? Or, you may want to work at a place that enables you to reimburse your tuition fee or allow you to work in flexible hour. These are the kind of benefits you may get as a RN, but you might need to give and take because not all benefits will be available depending on the nursing job you are looking for.

5. What preceptor program or orientation is available to you?

Since this is your first nursing job, you would want to assure that you get an appropriate amount of time on mentoring from preceptor before you are expected to be on you own. Hence, when searching for your first nursing job, you should check with your interviewer on what preceptor program or orientation is available for a new RN.

After you have gone through the above 5 self-assessment questions and get your answers, you will have a better idea on what you want and what to look for when searching for your first nursing job.

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