How Lucrative Is Nursing Jobs

Author: Kris Koonar

The nursing career is filled with professional and personal rewards and it is considered as one of the noblest professions. By choosing nursing as a career, you are literally planning to spend your life helping others and using your skills to blend career with compassion and caring. Isn't this quite a noble pact? There are only a few professions that can match this nobility. Nursing is one of the nation's largest health care professions that can boast of around 2.6 million registered nurses. Nurses are primary providers and one of the largest single components of any hospital staff.

A nurse works in different environments with different settings and nowadays with the aging population growing day by day, this profession will never ever see a downfall. The nursing profession blends science and technology with compassion and care. Nurses use the science they have studied in nursing school to help people and when employed, they regularly have to update their knowledge to keep updated with the latest technology in medical and technical science. Nurses have to constantly work hand in hand with doctors and other health care professionals. They also serve as advocates between patients and their families. Sometimes they get too attached to the patients they care for.

Nowadays technology has developed much and beyond expectation that nurses have started upgrading their education qualification by regularly attending training sessions to learn about new technologies. This enables them to help people live longer, healthier lives. The advancement in medical science has made the nursing career more satisfying and rewarding.

Nurse's work profile:

Assessments- Gather information from patients based on the physical condition, life style, emotional state, family, hopes and fears etc.

Diagnosis- Nurses help detect the patient's problem and needs that are often based on emotional, spiritual or physical issues.

Planning- Nurses plan the goals based on the diagnosing report. Whenever possible, nurses encourage patients to participate in health care programs.

Implementation-The nursing plan is put into action by administering medication, and treatment. Nurses also go ahead and teach the patients about self care and display physiotherapy exercises to improve flexibility after surgery.

Evaluation- Nurses frequently review the planning results and then make adjustments accordingly.

Job Profile:
Many practicing and retired nurses have found this profession quite fulfilling and satisfactory, spreading the caring and compassionate feeling. Nowadays there is a significant shortage within the nursing market and the need for qualified nurses is steadily increasing due to the following reasons:

As per experts, by 2020 there would be a shortage of around 800,000 nurses because the population is growing tremendously and people have started living longer due to development in medical technology.

Bed-ridden sick people nowadays hire skilled nurses.

Nowadays nurses are also need outside the hospital as home nurses and health care takers.

Income potential

Nursing jobs have good salary potential, like an entry-level registered nurse is paid annually $44,000 and this is considered much higher than any average-graduating student's salary. With experience, the salary increases. Nurses who switch to management or advanced clinical practice can earn much more than expected.

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